Bob Jones University

Bob Jones University

They demand denial of a tax exemption for the fundamentalist Christian school on grounds that it is racially discriminatory. After 11 years of wrangling between the university and the Internal Revenue Service, the Supreme Court has been asked to decide the case once and for all. The case was left hanging when the Court took a two-week recess, but Court observers believe it will agree to hear the case after it returns March The issue is religious freedom. In an interview in his opulent office overlooking the acre campus on the northern edge of this bustling industrial town in the South Carolina Piedmont, Jones acknowleged the school prohibits interracial dating and marriage. He said the policy is biblically based and pointed out it applies equally to students of all races.

Inside Dr. Bob’s school for saints

Then, for a year period, interracial dating was prohibited. Now the university has announced that its polices were wrong. Lost in the spectacular news accounts of the election of a black man as president of the United States is another event — this time in higher education — that stands as a milestone in racial progress. Consequently, for far too long, we allowed institutional policies regarding race to be shaped more directly by that ethos than by the principles and precepts of the Scriptures.

We conformed to the culture rather than provide a clear Christian counterpoint to it. For these failures we are profoundly sorry.

Bob Jones University, Fundamentalism, and the Separatist Movement Mark Taylor The dating parlor is a huge room in the Student Center complete with sofas.

While the University has failed to stay the course in its disciplines, its alumni have failed to hold its administration accountable for its direction. Fundamental pastors, so quick to point out the flaws and failures in other ministries in the past, have been all but silent while the board and leadership at BJU steers the University away from its fundamental moorings. Why the silence? Why the accommodation of changes we know are not welcome in our own ministries, but are being thrust upon us and our children by an institution we loved and trusted?

Jim’s Doctrinal Statement. I personally have no strong opinion one way or the other on whether the school should have adjusted its dress code, but the idea that doing so is a betrayal because the kids will be exposed to standards less strict than those they were raised with? They’re going to be exposed to less strict standards for everything all their lives unless they live deeply embedded in the fundamentalist ghetto. The kids are going to have to live in the culture we have, not the culture we might wish we had.

Is it really all that huge if they start living in something a bit more like it a few years sooner rather than later? Isolation can only accomplish so much, and only for so long. Unless, again, the plan is “stay in the ghetto” The house plants have authorized me to speak for them, however, and they always agree with me.

Bob Jones University, Boz Tchvidjian, and GRACE: An Unprecedented, Historic Report on Sex Abuse

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Visiting Bob Jones University in the Late 1980s

Determine the value of an education from Bob Jones University to understand if you’ll be paying a fair price for your degree. Bob Jones University’s overall average net price combined with a high quality education, results in a great value for the money when compared to other colleges and universities in South Carolina. Bob Jones University’s educational quality places it squarely in the middle of our nationwide Best Colleges ranking. However, the school’s overall net price is low when compared to other colleges and universities that deliver comparable educational quality.

The following graphic shows how the cost of obtaining a degree at Bob Jones University compares to other similar quality colleges nationwide.

For four years, I attended Bob Jones University. You could visit the snack shop there or chat with a boy in the chaperoned dating parlor.

The year-old Bob Jones freshman has been given a starched white thespian-looking blouse, and behind him leans a fake log-cabin wall and a quilt. His speech teacher has recommended him for the part of Moses Grandy, who wrote the memoir Life of A Slave in The video segment, in which Schimri reads from the TelePromTer a passage about the graphic horrors of lashings, will be shown to secondary schools and homeschoolers who have signed up for the Bob Jones package of 11th grade history.

BJU is the largest supplier of Christian curricula via video and live satellite transmission. The grad student, Dave Ute, gives Schimri directions. He tells him to mimic rubbing salve on the wounds of a beaten man. The small team bows heads to pray that this will go smoothly and they roll the film. Accommodating, while surrounding him are people both over-eager and a little uncertain. Like the university itself, they are walking a line between liking him for who he is and exploiting him just a bit for his difference.

Schimri is one of a dozen minority scholarship students this year, part of a new drive to recruit diversity at Bob Jones. Just three years ago, the media was haranguing Bob Jones for its interracial dating ban and its description of Catholicism as a cult. Reacting to the attention, the college lifted the dating ban in March , and last year, several alumni set up the minority scholarship fund.

Rather, the Greenville, South Carolina-based university has been seeking out minorities. Beyond needing them to help scour its sullied image, it needs to tap a growth market in the business of converting souls, and in an era of increasing competition between Bible colleges.

Inside Dr. Bob’s school for saints

The last time Bob Jones University made national headlines, when the Supreme Court denied the school’s appeal to regain its tax-exempt status in the early ‘s, I was a student there and a member of the debate team. Although I loved debating, I never had much enthusiasm when challenged to defend the university’s policy banning interracial dating. Even if one could argue that Bible verses taught that groups of people should remain separate, it was hard to explain why blacks couldn’t date whites, but Italians could date Germans and Koreans could date Chinese.

The rules are very strict, from light bells to serious dating restrictions (no touching anyone of the opposite sex). Whether you live on or off campus, you will be.

The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. This article was published more than 10 years ago. Some information in it may no longer be current. Here is God’s army: Strapping young men in khakis, white shirts and ties. Shiny-haired slender girls in ankle-length skirts and pastel print sweaters. They greet each other with warm affection, rush to open doors for each other, call any woman over the age of 12 “ma’am.

This is Bob Jones University, alleged hotbed of racism, bigotry and religious intolerance.

Bob Jones University Value of an Education

I find that when you open the door toward openness and transparency, a lot of people will follow you through. During that time, they also protested that Chuck Phelps was on the Board of Trustees. Remember him? The rapist did get sent to jail through no help of Phelps. Phelps resigned due the efforts of the students. The IFB promotes a strict view of the Scripture and a jaundiced view of anything that appears to be modernist incursions into the church.

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The funds that are raised through Bible Conference will be used dollar-for-dollar for the new recreation center. Alan Benson, vice-president for student development and discipleship, said the decision to create the recreation center has been in process for months. Dyke said that having a recreation center is something the campus needs. Conover said that Greenville offers plenty of opportunities for recreation, but the off-campus activities often cost quite a bit of money.

She thinks the new recreation center will provide a great opportunity for students to have fun on campus. The Bruins Shop, located in a corner of The Den, will be transitioning out of its current location over the course of the spring semester to make way for the recreation center. Benson believes this location in The Den will be perfect for the recreation space. As for the look and feel of the new rec center, students will be heavily involved in the creation and design.

Bible Conference Fundraiser

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“In some states,” he famously complained, “It’s easier to open a massage parlor than a Although Bob Jones Jr., the school’s founder, argued that racial organizations that advocated interracial dating, would be expelled.

And there a loyal generation and a. As far as I know now, it still was. It was first used of knights swearing allegiance to kings, to fight for that king and no other king. True faithfulness is willing to question authority. You may end up putting someone or something else in place of God in your life. Will that shake you to the core too deeply?

How big is your God?

Me and Mr. Jones

To that end, Bob Jones founded an ultraconservative college for God-fearing young men and women, where there was no drinking, no smoking and absolutely no sex between consenting coeds. Today, little has changed on the acre campus of Bob Jones University on the outskirts of Greenville, S. But it has not been easy fighting the atheistic blandishments of modernity.

Anyone have an interesting story about the Dating Parlor? (Vintage ). Join alumni and friends of BJU for our first Homecoming and Family

I’m proud of the lil’ Piedmont hamlet of my youth. I’m saving the bragging about the increasing and deserved public recognition of Greenville, South Carolina, for a future blog post. One of the not so redeeming features of my Carolina border town is the conservative culture wrought by Bob Jones University , headquartered there. If you’re not from the Upstate region, you still may have heard of the religious institution because every Republican presidential contender since about Reagan has dropped in for an appearance there.

Folks, we’re talking wildly, ultra conservative. I knew a few drop-outs who told stories of the dating parlors—akin to a large furniture store-room. I saw it myself during a wedding I attended there. Students were allowed to sit with their dates there but only so many inches a part and the rules progress even further into the disturbingly bizarre. The powers that be there even deem Billy Graham as liberal.

The school made national news long before conservative candidates began, controversially cow-towing to the school. Finally, the school reached a compromised by admitting Blacks only if they were married.

BJU President announces resignation

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